Differences between dental implants and dental bridges

The dental restoration sector has a wide variety of techniques and treatments aimed at restoring lost teeth. In this sense, we will highlight dental implants and dental bridges as some of the most popular alternatives at present.

Differences between dental implants and dental bridges

But… What are the differences between the two processes? In this article we will learn about the main differences between dental implants and dental bridges. Don’t miss it!

What is a dental implant?

This is the dental restoration method that offers the best results, both esthetically and functionally.

The implant is a kind of aluminum screw that is inserted into the patient’s jawbone and whose mission will be to act as the root of the artificial tooth, which in this case will be a porcelain or zirconium prosthesis.

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As a result we will obtain a tooth without any difference in comparison, a natural piece and it will restore both the functionality and aesthetics of our mouth.

One of the main characteristics of this process is that implant dentistry is a treatment that can be adjusted to the needs of any patient, since it can be carried out for the restoration of one or several dental pieces.

Likewise, this is an ideal treatment for those patients who wish to have all of their teeth removed.

What is a dental bridge?

The dental bridge is another of the options we have to restore the loss of several teeth. It is a process in which the patient is inserted a structure composed of a set of crowns that will be fixed, through dental cement, on the patient’s natural teeth.

One of the main disadvantages of this process is that it will be essential to carve the natural pieces.

The result of the dental bridge is optimal, both esthetically and functionally, being a fixed dental restoration method that can only be removed in a dental office.

Differences between implant and dental bridge.

After knowing the main characteristics of these treatments dedicated to dental restoration, it is time to talk about the differences between them.

First of all, it should be pointed out that dental implants offer us a greater number of solutions, since it is an ideal process for replacing one, several or all of the dental pieces. On the other hand, the dental bridge can only be used in certain situations.

Regarding the esthetic and functional result, we should point out that the implant is better in comparison with the dental bridge. It should be remembered that the implant will act as the root of the tooth and this offers greater resistance and its life expectancy will be greater in comparison with the bridge (which will only be cemented).

In addition, the implant will look better esthetically.

Is there any advantage of the dental bridge compared to the implant? Yes, the price. The placement of a dental bridge is much cheaper compared to the insertion of an implant, this being the main reason why the dental bridge continues to have a great impact today.

Are the treatments recommendable?

Yes, without any doubt. Both implants and bridges offer excellent results and we are talking about the best alternatives in the dental restoration sector.

The most advisable thing to do is to go to a specialist in the subject and let him or her guide us about the type of treatment that best suits our situation, needs and budget, especially if we take into account that the placement of dental bridges (unlike implants) cannot be performed on all patients.

To understand the success of dental restorative treatments, we must consider the important impact of a beautiful smile today.

In addition, we cannot forget that there are more and more and better specific techniques to restore lost teeth. It is expected that the trend of this type of treatment will continue to increase and that more and more people will improve their smile.

Let us not forget that dental restoration not only improves the patient’s dental esthetics, but also has the main function of restoring oral functionality.

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