Are There Any Risks in Teeth Whitening?

When teeth whitening methods are correctly applied, the risk is minimal, but not nonexistent, before performing any procedure we make sure to do a thorough assessment in order to avoid any type of complication during your teeth whitening treatment Mexicali.

All about teeth whitening treatment

Some of the complications that may occur are:

  • Increased sensitivity: to heat, cold, biting, generally this is more frequent with the methods applied in the office, since the products used are usually more concentrated. This should not last more than a couple of days, however, in special cases the dentist should be consulted immediately.
  • Irritated gums: depending on the product used, in some cases there is irritation of the gums, they may be swollen, painful and in some cases have slight bleeding, so it is advisable that during the assessment you tell us about any condition you have in your daily life, this in order to avoid any discomfort once the whitening treatment is performed by one of our Mexicali dentists.
  • Multiple colorations: in the case of patients who have received dental restorations, such as bonding, veneers, among others, these elements are not affected by bleaching, that is, they retain their color, while the rest of the teeth are bleached, giving the appearance of stains.

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