Differences Between Dental Filling and Root Canal Treatment

When we talk about dental caries we should know that there are different treatments to eliminate the disease, being dental obturation and endodontics the most common alternatives.

Diferencias entre obturación dental y endodoncia -Differences between dental obturation and endodontics

We are talking about treatments that, although the objective is the same, have many differences and will be applied depending on the degree of caries suffered by the patient.

What is a Dental Filling?

Dental filling, also known as “filling”, is one of the most common treatments carried out in a dental office. The main objective of this process is to eliminate a cavity that is in its initial stage, that is, when it only affects the enamel (outer surface of the tooth).

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This is a simple and fast process that consists of removing the part of the enamel that has been affected by caries and then restoring the piece using composite resin.

Depending on the intensity of the caries, local anesthesia will be used to perform the process, which lasts approximately 30 minutes.

Through this simple treatment we will be able to recover both the esthetics and the functionality of the tooth, as well as prevent the caries from advancing until it penetrates into the interior of the tooth.

We cannot forget that dental caries is one of the main causes of tooth loss. Finally, we will talk about the importance of going to the dentist regularly to check the condition of our teeth and, in case of caries, to solve any problems quickly and effectively.

When it comes to dental health, it is important to know that late detection of diseases is synonymous with costly and complex treatments.

What is a Root Canal?

Root canal treatment, also known as endodontic therapy or ‘killing the nerve,’ is a procedure aimed at restoring a tooth that has a damaged nerve. Although the primary cause of this condition is often advanced tooth decay, it should be noted that there are other reasons, such as blows or trauma.

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Unlike dental obturation, endodontics is a somewhat more complex process and cannot always be carried out in a single session (depending on many factors). Endodontics begins by applying local anesthesia to the patient so that he/she does not feel pain during the process.

Next, a small hole is made in the enamel to gain access to the inside of the tooth and the part of the nerve or pulp that has been affected by the disease is removed.

The next step will be the sealing of canals to prevent bacteria from entering the area and, finally, the tooth will be reconstructed, either with composite resin or with the placement of a porcelain or zirconium crown.

The goal of root canal treatment is to restore the aesthetics and functionality of a tooth that is in poor condition, being the last chance we have to save the tooth. If we do not undergo a root canal, it is very likely that we will end up losing the tooth in the near future.

Differences Between Dental Filling and Root Canal Treatment

After knowing the characteristics of both treatments, it is time to establish the differences between dental obturation and endodontics.

We will begin by pointing out that dental filling is only performed when only the enamel or outer surface of the tooth has been damaged, while endodontics is the most effective alternative in those cases where the problem not only affects the enamel, but has also caused significant damage to the dentin and dental pulp .

The duration of both treatments is another major difference, since dental filling can be performed in just half an hour, while endodontics may require several sessions, especially in those cases where the patient requires the placement of a crown to obtain an aesthetic and functional improvement of the damaged piece.

Neither dental obturation nor endodontics are painful treatments, since local anesthesia will be used whenever necessary, so the patient will hardly feel any discomfort during the process.

In short, dental obturation and endodontics are very common treatments in dental offices and will be very useful to prevent the progression of dental caries.

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